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Software Asset Management & LICENSING Portfolio Analysis

While facing vendors' audit we help you eliminate weaknesses. A set of consulting services will be delivered by HOLZER & Associates to enable and maintain accurate software inventory and Licenses Optimization across your corporation. This resulting in a comprehensive report across your enterprise about all installed software applications, their quantities and any important license properties. This report might include depending on your requirements, items around:

  • Portfolio Analysis (inventory from both legal and functional perspectives)
  • Audit Support
  • License Optimization
  • Negotiation support with SW & HW vendors

An accurate software and license inventory will help you:

  • Identify any of your strategic and operative gaps
  • Determine the maturity degree of your SAM organization
  • Understand deviation of as-is-status toward best-practice organization
  • Assess risks of not closing the licensing gaps
  • Determine of possible cost savings (number of users per component)
  • Identify concrete measures to form a business case as a base to build the roadmap or a project plan 
  • Demonstrate affordable/low project risk with a high added value

All this, in a compact project period with purposeful results in just a dozen of days

Baseline provides you transparency

You might choose an independent partner who will protect you against one of the biggest threat resulting from inaccurate licensing. This again requires an uncompromising clarification of your actual license situation. Because both, over and under-licensing, can be a costly issue. Our offer creates a legal affirmation and offers you the best possible method to manage your licenses, contracts and negotiations with vendors.  is the ideal point in time to test your annual, often high and unmanageable software-related costs




HOLZER & Associates Services

Technology and data management relates to the Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing (DWH) and CPM Corporate Performance Management (CPM) architecture and interconnectivity of IT systems responsible for supporting strategy execution within an organisation.

The efficiency of decision making is based on the quality, relevance and timeliness of information reported to key individuals. The BI systems in place takes care of capturing, recording and analysing the data accumulated for conversion into useful information for decision making and performance management.

The critical component of any BI/DWH/CPM architecture will be the tools selected to fulfill the reporting requirements. HOLZER & Associates Ltd has wide and neutral experience with all the major suppliers with reference to BI/CPM selection, implementation and project management. Emphasizing top-down leadership and a strong governance framework to address BI/DWH/EPM’s requirement of a cultural shift from managing by reports and numbers to managing by influencing changes in actions and behaviours.

Your organisation’s mission is the driving force behind everything you and your staff seek to achieve. EPM will look to not only align strategic objectives upwards, but critically downwards throughout the entire organisation, right down to every employee.

The unique approach chosen by HOLZER & Associates Ltd balances the importance of strategy development against execution by keeping focus and alignment through six key enablers:

  • Data (Sources and Targets)
  • Processes
  • Business Cycles and Timeframe
  • Organization and people
  • Location
  • Goals and Prioritization

While strategy development is the natural starting point of BI/DWH/CPM, HOLZER & Associates Ltd recognizes it as the start of a continuous loop.

Each individual is accountable for strategy execution but our Program Management Services oversee the alignment of all management processes within strategy. It safeguards the strategic focus and alignment within the entire organisation. BI/DWH/EPM processes included:

  • standardizing and developing unified reporting
  • safeguarding change processes
  • maintaining and improving data quality 

BI/EPM Roadmap

We consider activities as series of end-to-end processes, e.g. Strategy to Plan rather than discrete activities like strategic planning, budgeting, etc. It advocates the translation of strategy into tangible metrics, measured and forecasted into the future and ultimately into the reward culture of the organisation to create and deliver value. 

The idea is to promote a clearly defined business reference model describing the information needed to drive the business underpinned by a robust, integrated technology framework. The information platform within the framework serves as a data repository linking the EPM & BI applications to the diverse transactional systems within an organization.

Finally HOLZER & Associates Ltd will support you in focusing on identifying important metrics across the entire organization and linking operational performance to corporate strategy, so that operational stakeholders can understand their contribution to the global organization’s strategic performance.


Program Management and Governance

Governance is about decision making and ensuring that you have an authority framework that takes decisions and is able to measure the execution of those decisions!

F. Holzer, Founder & Partner, HOLZER & Associates Ltd

HOLZER & Associates Ltd Program/Project Management (PPM) approach and its related roles (Program and Project Managers) are the lead IPT (Integrated Project Team) members responsible (under supervision of the Steering Committee) for the overall execution of the project from initiation through the completion of the Program (Closing), and might include follow-on post implementation services. The PPM is responsible for developing and maintaining the Program, in coordination with the IPT members. The PPM will provide any updates to the Program, with all supporting project documentation, circulating it to all members of the IPT and will update the documentation, with support of the IPT, if and when required. Ultimately, the Project Manager has single point stewardship responsibility for all aspects of the assigned projects or programs.


CPM / BI Roadmap

Roadmap Definition

The closer that you manage scope, the more likely you are that you will be successful in delivering your roadmap!

F. Holzer, Founder & Partner, HOLZER & Associates Ltd

The cost of change – and the impact of change on the business – is often cited as the reason why so many organisations still struggle on with existing platforms and architectures. Learn how HOLZER & Assocaites will help you mitigate this risk. Coming up with a business intelligence and corporate performance management (BI/CPM) initiative is one of the most challenging endeavors a business has to face. This is because new technologies have to be taken into consideration, more tasks have to be performed, responsibilities and roles have to be changed, and applications need to be delivered promptly without compromising on quality. A new methodology is required therefore an organization needs to have a well laid out BI/CPM roadmap. There are various stages that an organization has to go through to come up with the right roadmap. These stages include justification, planning, business analysis, design, construction, and deployment.


CPM Diagnosis

Data does not just move like Tetriminos (horizontally and/or vertically). Data crisscrosses the organization and thus requires fluidity!

F. Holzer, Founder & Partner, HOLZER & Associates Ltd

Data quality is a critical aspect of an effective data initiative, to enable fast, accurate, & consistent data across your business, and ensure a single version of truth for all users. As well as Data governance provides the coordination, technology and automation required to drive the efficient and consistent use of data across the enterprise and ensuring high adoption of data capabilities.


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