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Data BI and CPM Strategy

A data strategy connects your data initiatives to your business strategy while integrating key business processes. A great data strategy can help your realize the full potential of a data-driven business.

HOLZER & Associates Ltd can analyze your existing business model to understand where data capabilities can be used more effectively, and where new business models can be developed. HOLZER & Associates also has expertise at gaining executive- and enterprise-wide buy-in on critical aspects of a data strategy.

A multi-year data capability roadmap guides the technology plan and enables business stakeholders to adopt emerging capabilities quickly. In contrast to a technology roadmap, a data capability roadmap focuses on what business stakeholders will be able to do with data, and how & when they will be able to do it. 

A well-conceived vendor strategy can help you get the most from your data capabilities while minimizing cost and increasing ROI. HOLZER & Associates Ltd has experience with a wide range legacy and new EPM/BI vendors, plus balanced onshore, offshore & nearshore models, and can help you determine the approach that is right for your business.

Data Strategy Blueprint lays out the framework, requirements, and milestones for creating an effective long-term cross-organizational data strategy. HOLZER & Associates Ltd can provide either light guidance on executing the blueprint, or can fully execute the blueprint with involvement from key business & IT/Engineering stakeholders.

If you're able to get a sense and appreciation of what can be and needs to be done, as opposed to what you'd like to do, you've got far more opportunity to actually be reasonable and rational when you create your BI/CPM strategy!

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