CPM Diagnosis

Data does not just move like Tetriminos (horizontally and/or vertically). Data crisscrosses the organization and thus requires fluidity!

F. Holzer, Founder & Partner, HOLZER & Associates Ltd

Data quality is a critical aspect of an effective data initiative, to enable fast, accurate, & consistent data across your business, and ensure a single version of truth for all users. As well as Data governance provides the coordination, technology and automation required to drive the efficient and consistent use of data across the enterprise and ensuring high adoption of data capabilities.

Effective data quality requires strong process design across systems, business processes, and stakeholders. HOLZER & Associates Ltd creates comprehensive data quality processes, including partners & suppliers, on a global basis. HOLZER & Associates Ltd can also stage & execute the design as it rolls out to impacted groups across the enterprise.

Effective data quality operations serves global stakeholders by ensuring all systems are operating correctly and issues are solved quickly. HOLZER & Associates Ltd has decades of experience building and managing data quality operations teams, including blended onshore/offshore models to help contain costs and provide global support. Data quality analysis requires a unique blend of technical and business acumen, and strong analytics training. We have expertise building, training, and managing data quality teams is unparalleled in the industry. Gain stakeholder trust and protect the value of your data asset with a great data quality analysis program.