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Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing

Chief marketing officers and chief financial officers often rely on pricing to achieve their growth objectives. Establishing an effective pricing strategy, however, is a complex process driven by consumer demand, competitor dynamics, seasonality, financial goals, and many other factors. Set a price too high, and sales may be lost. Set it too low, and margins will diminish. Predictive analytics helps companies to identify optimal pricing levels, and determine their impact on sales and profitability.

Predictive analytics allows sales and marketing organizations to take a proactive approach to price management to maximize sales volumes and profitability. Various pricing scenarios can be tested in advance, with the outcomes accurately forecasted.

By simulating price changes by product, location, or other criteria, organizations can understand their potential impact on profit, volume, and revenue, and make smarter, more informed pricing decisions. They will be empowered to respond more rapidly to market shifts, instantly adjusting prices to reflect evolving competitive strategies or customer demands.


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